March 1, 2024

'Jelly Scrolling' on iPad Mini: Users report on 'Wabber' screen

‘Jelly Scrolling’ on iPad Mini: Users report on ‘Wabber’ screen

the new ipad mini It was more exciting Recently appeared Apple tabletsAccordingly, many were excited to see how things would go in practice. But here there are reports of problems, above all the so-called “jelly scroll”, that is, the behavior of “wobbly” scrolling.

The new iPad Mini – now the sixth generation – received a lot of praise at its launch. However, in practice, you have to compromise, because users and early testers who were allowed to try out Apple’s new mini-tablet reported problems with scrolling.

In the case of the iPad Mini 6, this is clearly only an isolated case and may happen relatively often. The tablet screen appears to refresh more slowly from one side than to the other, which can be seen in the form of a noticeable “wobbly” effect in the middle of the screen. This was christened jelly scroll 9to5Mac This behavior is compared to scrolling on a website – when the content is moving quickly.

The blog wrote that they heard about it from a reader. This in one Apple Store He went to exchange his device, but had to find out that all test iPads had this error.

This “lag” mainly occurs in portrait mode, so when the camera is on, the right side of the screen refreshes faster than the left side. If you rotate the device 180 degrees, the left side refreshes faster than the right side. Interestingly, the lag is hard to see when using the iPad Mini in landscape mode.

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The reason is not yet known

The whole thing is relatively hard to describe, but Dieter Bohn of The Verge manages to do it with slow motion recording, you can see that wobble well in the video posted on Twitter. It is not currently clear what is responsible for this. The “suspects” are the board itself, the display controller, or a software or firmware problem.

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