December 3, 2023

Japan lifts travel ban for 106 countries

Japan lifts travel ban for 106 countries

In a government statement, Japan announced the lifting of the travel ban on 106 countries. But this statement caused confusion among tourists.

The National Security Office said in a government statement that Japan will lift the travel ban on 106 countries. However, tourists who now want to plan their next trip to Japan were excited very soon. Because the new dilution applies only to foreign students, researchers and business travelers, but not to tourists, such as japantimes mentioned.

The Japanese government raises false hopes

A government statement issued by the Japanese government on Wednesday evening has caused confusion among tourists and false hopes that they may be able to enter again soon, because it is very difficult to properly understand Japanese bureaucratic language on entry restrictions. It was announced that travel bans had been lifted from 106 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom and France. However, this new regulation appears to only apply to foreign students, scholars and business travelers, who have been allowed to re-enter Japan since March 1 anyway.

“There will be no new people allowed to enter Japan as a result of this change.”

Official at the Ministry of Justice

Tourists have still been banned from entering the country since April 2020. The current limit is 7,000 arrivals from abroad per day, although the government plans to increase this to 10,000 per day as of Monday.


In addition, when entering the country, the country’s warning level system must be observed. Warnings range from level 1 (low) to 4 (high). If a country is rated as Tier 3 or higher, the Department of Justice automatically bans entry from those countries and vice versa. According to officials, the latest change comes after the State Department lowered the alert level for 106 countries on April 1.

Conclusion on lifting the entry ban

Anyone who was looking forward to finally entering Japan after the Japanese government’s announcement was unfortunately wrong. The ban on entry to 106 countries has been lifted. Not a new regulation per se, as foreign students, researchers and business travelers have been allowed to enter Japan again since March 1. Tourists should continue to be patient. It remains to be seen when the tourists will be allowed to enter the country again. We will keep you updated!


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