December 3, 2023


100 more boxers for Great Britain

The British Prime Minister announced today that the British Armed Forces will receive an additional 100 Boxer armored vehicles, bringing the British Boxer program to a total of 623 vehicles.

The British Ministry of Defense said in a statement that these additional vehicles will be manufactured in both the United Kingdom and Germany, while all production will be transferred to the United Kingdom. “The UK and Germany have worked closely together on the British Army’s Boxer programme, with the UK-based Boxer benefiting from German knowledge, German data and German cooperation,” the statement said.

According to British information, Boxer production has already begun for the British Armed Forces. The first 117 vehicles will be built on German assembly lines, while the remaining 506 vehicles will be produced by UK plants in Telford and Stockport. The main production sites will be the British plant of Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL) and KMW’s subsidiary WFEL. The first systems will be delivered to the troops from 2023.

100 more boxers for Great Britain

The UK rejoined the Boxer program in 2018 and in 2019 it has over 500 Boxers in four different variants – infantry carrier, specialist transporter, command center and ambulance – with a combined value of £2.8 billion (currently equivalent to around €3.36 billion).

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