February 25, 2024

iTunes is gradually being sidelined on Windows as well

It's hard to imagine as a Mac user, but iTunes was actually still officially in use on Windows PCs – until now. On Mac, iTunes was replaced by Apple Music in 2019, and now, after a long beta phase, the change has also been made for Windows PCs. This step was also urgently required since iTunes for PC has been performing poorly recently. Users complained of freezes or crashes. Apple only provided security patches, but they did not improve usability.

The new Apple Music app aims to make using your music library and managing data on your iPhone more fun again on your PC. However, PC users will now have to use four different apps: Apple Music to maintain their music library and manage all previously made iTunes purchases, Apple TV to watch movies and series, and Apple Devices to manage mobile devices like iPhone and iPad that still use iTunes. To listen to podcasts. iTunes must also remain installed because Apple Music accesses your existing music library. iTunes won't completely disappear in the PC world. (document)

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