December 5, 2023

WhatsApp: new functions and beyond

WhatsApp Status has been an integral part of the popular messenger and has been actively used by many people to keep their WhatsApp contacts updated with regular updates. But now the Status section has suddenly disappeared for most of the users. Here we’ll show you why and what new functionality is available for it.

WhatsApp: The new functionality is here

Messenger WhatsApp has introduced a major new feature with the ‘Channels’ section. This is an innovative function that gives users the opportunity to do different things stars And stars, organizations and clubs to follow. Users are then regularly provided with news and updates via these channels. However, you can only respond through emoji reactions, similar to the new broadcast channels available on Instagram a few months ago.

Are you wondering how to subscribe to new channels? As part of the new feature, WhatsApp has developed a guide through which you can easily search for hobbies, favorite teams, news from local authorities, and many other topics. You can also join different channels via invite links.

The new functionality also takes care of users’ privacy. If you run a channel, your followers won’t see your phone number or profile picture. If you follow a channel, no one will see your phone number either.

However, the introduction of the new “Channels” function has consequences for the “Status” tab, as it has disappeared with the new feature.

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Can you still post a status on WhatsApp?

Do you want to keep your loved ones updated and update your WhatsApp status regularly and don’t want to miss it? Don’t worry: Of course, even after the new update, you can regularly share your status with your WhatsApp contacts. The Status tab is now the top-level Current tab, where you can find channels – but you can also post your status to your contacts as well as view messages from your contacts.

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By the way: The status will still be available via the profile pictures of your contacts in the chat list.

More useful information about using WhatsApp:

When will the new functionality be available?

The “Channels” function has already been rolled out to most users in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is already available.

More changes are scheduled for WhatsApp

The introduction of the new “Channels” function is not the only innovation that WhatsApp users will have to adapt to. If you’re using an Android device, the appearance of Messenger will soon change and the control bar will be located at the bottom of the screen. Thus, the design was adapted to the iOS app, where the control bar has long been located at the bottom of the screen.

However, the fact that after the update you can no longer switch between individual areas of the messenger by swiping, was not well received by many Android users. For example, a user of the social media platform X writes: “In my opinion, the previous version was better!” It remains to be seen if the scrolling functionality will be added with another update. It is also missing in the iOS version of the app.

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