December 9, 2023

Is Vladimir Putin sleeping here in the middle of the meeting?

Is Vladimir Putin sleeping here in the middle of the meeting?

Rumors about the state of health of Russian President Vladimir Putin (69 years old) do not stop. His latest appearance continues to fuel speculation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to have fallen asleep at one of the meetings. – Kremlin


The basics in brief

  • Vladimir Putin recently traveled to a military exercise in eastern Russia.
  • Then the Russian president held a meeting of the State Council in Vostok.
  • Putin seemed to shake his head while the other officials struggled to stay awake.

Rumors continue to circulate that Russian President Vladimir Putin is in poor health. In recent months, Putin has been said to have done so over and over again in medical treatment They made – also in emergency situations.

Do you believe the rumors about Putin’s health?

A new video now shows the Russian president at a meeting of the Russian State Council. At the press conference on promoting tourism in Russia, Putin appears to be struggling to stay awake.

A sign that the 69-year-old is in poor health? The visible fatigue may also be due to the fact that The meeting will be held in Vladivostok. The time difference with Moscow is seven hours.

How sick is Vladimir Putin really?

In addition, many users on social media expressed doubts that Putin really sleeps. The other officials present seemed to find it difficult to stay awake. So it’s possible that Putin and his advisers are fighting back travel fatigue here. Or they read a document on the table.

Putin was About military exercises with China Travel to eastern Russia. According to reports, he was suffering from fatigue and shortness of breath even before the start of the journey. Footage from military exercises showed the 69-year-old limping.

It is said that about 50,000 soldiers from Russia, China, India and other countries took part in the exercises. Navy ships also conducted joint maneuvers.

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