July 13, 2024

An ingredient discovered from China.  Pentagon halts delivery of F-35s.

An ingredient discovered from China. Pentagon halts delivery of F-35s.

Repetitive episodes, combat missions, and nausea: an F-35 fighter jet on a test flight

How does it feel to fly on a supercomputer? Blue News conducted the test and got into a flight simulator under the supervision of F-35 pilots.


The US Department of Defense has temporarily banned the delivery of the F-35: a magnet containing a Chinese alloy that violates US sanctions.

Countries that were due to receive the F-35 this year will have to wait. The Pentagon has issued a decision not to deliver any of these combat aircraft at this time.

The reason is a magnet in a lubricating pump, according to Reuters mentioned. This contains an unauthorized alloy of cobalt and samarium made in China.

Manufacturer Lockheed-Martin brought this to the attention of the Department of Defense after specialists came across an item that required approval. This comes from aircraft parts manufacturer Honeywell.

‘No security risks’

Ross Gomery, a spokesman for the Department of Defense, calmed down On CNN, magnets do not transmit information and pose no performance, quality, safety or security risks. “F-35 fleet flight operations will continue as usual.”

The Pentagon reports that Lockheed Martin has already found an alternative source of magnets.

However, no F-35s have been sold to leave the United States at this time. As many as 63 are still to be delivered in 2022, 88 have already been sold to buyers this year. The Pentagon did not say when the two planes would be launched.

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