Iron and nickel vapor have been detected in frozen comets

Researchers examined several comets far from the sun. In doing so, they found gaseous iron and nickel – which is impossible at these lower temperatures.

The basics are in brief

  • Researchers at the University of Liège in Belgium made a strange discovery.
  • They discovered iron and nickel gases on various comets far from the sun.
  • Indeed, this would be impossible at such low temperatures.

Jean Manfred’s research team would not have dreamed of it. Researchers at the University of Liège in Belgium wanted to obtain the optical spectrum of 20 comets in the outer solar system In more detail. They did one An exciting discoveryThey found gaseous iron and nickel in the comet’s crust.

The discovery is amazing, as the two minerals only turn to steam when the weather is very hot, Scinexx explains. So far, only gaseous iron and nickel have been discovered in the extremely hot exoplanet gas envelopes. They are also found in comets that fly near the sun.

Researchers are now faced with a mystery. The temperatures measured on the comets under study now range between -93 and +60 degrees. This is much less than what is usually required to vaporize iron and nickel in a metallic form.

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