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Today, 11.10.2022
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Comfortable and healthy
How do researchers want to improve indoor climate
By Sven Kestner
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Coronavirus reminded us all: the room climate determines our well-being. We’ve learned that small molecules spread quickly, even in an open office. Since then, portable air filters have been run in some workplaces and in some classrooms. Other devices measure the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air, which allows to draw conclusions about the insufficient supply of fresh air. Those who work in air-conditioned rooms endured the heat of last summer more calmly. On the other hand, in the coming fall and winter, we will especially feel the effect of temperature on our well-being. But which indoor climate is good for health, which is more harmful? What makes us more productive and when do we lose focus? Scientists from various disciplines are looking at all this – from the diffusion of air particles to the distribution of heat and cold in rooms. Visit the climate room and the rooms are very different.

Editor: Miriam Stump

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