December 4, 2023

iPhone 15 Pro Max purchased from Apple – received a fake

When purchasing the iPhone 15 Pro Max from Apple, the buyer strangely received a fake phone. There was a smartphone in an original-looking cardboard box, but it was a cheap copy of the actual product. The phone’s design looked very similar to the original phone’s design. However, as soon as the cell phone was turned on, the user knew that it was an Android imitation. The user interface mimics iOS well, but the simple setup process, various bugs, and poor performance eventually set off alarm bells for the user. Apple has already been informed.

Counterfeit iPhones end up at Apple customers

This is what a fake iPhone looks like

Unfortunately, there are many scammers in retail. Sometimes they even manage to tamper with deliveries from manufacturers’ websites. Phandroid Provides an amazing message on the discussion platform Reddit attentive. One user describes how he received a fake device instead of the iPhone 15 Pro Max he ordered. Purchased directly from Apple’s UK website. The customer received confirmation and tracking number for the package as usual from the electronics company.

When the package arrived, the package number matched. However, the content was shocking. As soon as the iPhone box was opened, the user suspected something was wrong. Initially, the included screen protector led the buyer to suspect that the goods were being returned. But when I turned it on, I noticed a weak display. There was definitely no OLED panel used here. The twitchy and buggy interface was miles away from the iOS standard. “The cell phone could have fooled my grandfather, but I quickly noticed the difference,” the user revealed of the fake iPhone.

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Where is the loophole in the deal?

The affected person contacted Apple immediately. But so far there has been no response. Since the package number is identical, the error should not lie with the manufacturer. DPD also confirmed that the cardboard box was sealed and had not been opened. In the comments on the incident, users suspect a gap in delivery. It is conceivable that fraudsters will exchange devices in order to obtain sensitive data through fake iPhones. Buyer advises other affected parties not to connect the counterfeit cell phone to the Internet and not to log into accounts.

It will soon be possible to install iPhone apps outside of the App Store, but you should make sure to use a reputable source.

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