June 20, 2024

/e/OS offers an alternative to Android for more privacy

Google is largely present in apps and the like on standard Android smartphones. If you prefer to go without corporate services, you need an alternative operating system such as /e/OS. This promises a Google-free smartphone with full functionality.

With the Android open source project, anyone can theoretically develop their own mobile operating system based on Android. However, Google’s API and Play Services ensure that many core functions work in the first place.

/e/OS has developed its own solutions aimed at providing a completely Google-free smartphone.

All Google features without Google

These functions include, for example, geolocation, Google Maps and Store. /e/OS he have Micro G Project Built into your operating system, which essentially copies these services, but without having to rely on Google. The project was funded, among others, by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

In addition, the Android alternative operating system offers some other features for people who want to protect their privacy. For example, it automatically blocks trackers in apps. You can also use it to hide your geographical location and IP address at any time.

Android apps continue to work

Some applications such as a map service, email or calendar are already integrated into the operating system. However, it is also compatible with Android apps, so you can also install apps from the Play Store. This works via what’s called the App Lounge.

The App Store also evaluates apps on privacy standards. You can see at a glance how much you have to reveal. For example, if an app requests too many permissions or sends data to the developer, the rating will be lower.

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Installation and limitations

/e/OS is easier to install than most third-party mobile operating systems. on website The provider has an installation program that you download to your computer, which then helps you with the installation.

You can find out if your smartphone is compatible with it in the corresponding list. However, experienced users can also download the operating system directly and install it manually.

It must be said that installing a new operating system unlocks the bootloader of the smartphone, such Wired Notes. This makes the smartphone vulnerable to hackers. However, in order for them to download malware onto their mobile phones in this way, they have to physically hold it in their hands.

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