June 21, 2024

Best emulator apps for iPhone

For those who have old games Game Boy, PlayStation And those like them who want to play on smartphones and tablets got one of these iPhone difficult. a Jailbreak or Cumbersome side loading They were the only options so far. For most users, this was too big an obstacle.

Through pressure from the European Union in the form of Digital Markets Law But a lot has changed here. Apple recently started allowing emulators in the App Store.

We offer you this Applications before:

  • IMO64 XL: internal control Department
  • PPSSPP: internal control Department
  • Delta: internal control Department
  • Gamma: internal control Department
  • Retro arc: internal control Department


Although game emulation is not generally a problem, it is Buy games Fraught with pitfalls. This means that we can play the games we have in the emulator. How do we use one-on-one games? cartridge or CD Fall, get a smartphone, but can The difference between legal and illegal Turn off.

Circumventing effective encryption is not allowed, nor is it allowed to download entire games, for example in the form of ROMs, ISOs and other files that are often viewed on the Internet. the Use emulators But in itself it does not constitute a conflict with the law.

Emo64 XL

One of the first apps that started the emulator era on iOS is Emu64 XL. The application focuses on simulation Commodore 64 Specialized, taking us back nearly 4 decades.

The emulator is very easy to setup. Let’s start the application, load the C64 interface and virtual keyboard. In landscape mode we can place orders in Lavender colored surface Methods or download programs. T64 and D64 files are uploaded here Floppy disksWhich can be run on the default Commodore system.

In addition to audio and language settings, the app offers a video tutorial, but there are no other options beyond that. To complete the experience, Emu64 XL, side by side Virtual keyboard and joystick, Also support for Real ocean In the form of a keyboard, joystick, and gamepad.

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Emu64 XL is free In the App Store available.

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While developer Henrik Rydgård was initially skeptical about Apple’s emulator rules, the popular PPSSPP emulator arrived on the App Store shortly after. PPSSPP is a pure emulator for games from Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP).

PPSSPP works with one exclusively Scene shape Designed surface, as has been used on other devices for years. Although the interface design of iOS is somewhat unusual, it is useful Relatively uncomplicated. The most important tabs “Games”, “Store” and “Settings” are placed in a prominent place.

In order to be able to play old PSP games, we need it ISO or CSO format. We can load games directly into the emulator using Apple’s file integration. There are also some games straight from Homebrew store.

Settings are especially important with PPSSPP, as depending on the game, you may need to make some adjustments to get everything to work perfectly. In the case of GTA Vice City Stories for example, after a quick sound adjustment I was able to play immediately and without any problems.

Thanks support External controllers Your iPhone or iPad can be turned into a modern PSP. If you don’t have a controller on the go, you can use Virtual Control.

PPSSPP is free In the App Store available.


For Nintendo fans, the Delta Edition is perhaps one of the greatest gifts. The application gives us the opportunity to NES, SNES, N64, Game Boy (Color), as well as Game Boy Advanced and DS To simulate. The app itself has been around for a few years, but had to hide in the underground sideloading niche until the App Store rules changed.

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If you want to get started with Delta, you still need games in the right formats. In Nintendo’s case, depending on the console, these are GBA files for Gameboy Advanced or SMC files for SNES. Games are from Files app, Dropbox, or Google Drive etc., are loaded into the app and ready to play immediately.

Delta looks very impressive. Depending on the game, the console interface or controller design is simulated. Delta also automatically recognizes and displays the games loaded in our library Original cover art.

The app also offers a few Additional practical optionsincluding a game accelerator, and the ability to press buttons automatically as well local multiplayer, To be able to play with up to 4 other players. by Broadcast We can also install the emulator on television Let’s play our favorite games on the big screen and using an external controller.

Since the developer of Delta Riley Testut is also a creator of the Altstore palOne of the first App Store alternatives, Delta can only be downloaded via AltStore PAL in the EU. Learn how to access AltStore here.

Free delta In the alternative store available.


Gamma by ZodTTD is currently one of the few simulation applications dedicated to iOS design language Guidance. Gamma is a PSX or PS1 emulator. If we start a Gamma game, we will end up directly in the (initially empty) game overview.

Here we can cross Transfer files via computer Or via Files application Add our games. Once the game is downloaded, we can start playing right away. Gamma interface provides a vertical and horizontal interface. In portrait format, the app’s design is reminiscent of a Game Boy that added a few buttons. By viewing them in portrait format, pixels in PS1 games are less noticeable.

Gamma also offers in addition to Virtual control Support for external controllers. Plus, we can have one Synchronization Set up to keep your games synced and saved with other devices via Dropbox or Google Drive.

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Free gamma In the App Store available.

Retro Arch

If you want to collect all your controllers in one app, RetroArch is the place to go. Not long ago 15 years Is that Cross-platform project Example of emulation. RetroArch acts as a front-end for dozens of emulators that have been created over the years.

represented here From Game Boy to PlayStation 1 to Game Gear The majority of consoles ever released. Only hardware emulation such as PlayStation 2 or Nintendo Wii should be used Lack of support for JIT (just in time) It will be waived by Apple.

RetroArch is based on its own interface. Especially in the beginning, it takes some time to become clear on all the menu items and how they work. Basically RetroArch combines well-known kernels, Which allows you to emulate different controllers. There are many options to choose from for the Game Boy or PlayStation 1, for example.

In order to be able to play, we need to save an appropriate game under “Loading Content”. With “Loading archive” we start the desired game. RetroArch then tries to suggest appropriate kernels. If that doesn’t work, we can load the system or kernel manually.

When it comes to options, RetroArch is probably the most comprehensive app. Autosave states, individual basic settings, overlays, individual controller mapping, latency settings, cheats, and rewind functionality are just some of the options offered here. also Multiplayer And a Auto update function Included in RetroArch.

Of course, we can also use various virtual gamepads here External controllers hiring. Given its scope, RetroArch is currently my personal favorite among the emulators available for iOS.

RetroArch is free In the App Store available.

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