December 7, 2023

Neue Funktion - WhatsApp vereinfacht Nutzung von Sprachnachrichten

How to secretly ‘leave’ annoying group chats

Group chats on WhatsApp can also be annoying. With these tricks, users can “secretly” opt out of groups.

The basics in brief

  • Unfortunately, there is no function that hides leaving a WhatsApp group.
  • However, there are many tricks that the group can cleverly handle.

‘Thing’, ‘thing’, ‘thing’ keep coming Messages From WhatsApp group in a. The topics being talked about do not interest you at all, you are just annoyed by the group chat. This should not be a problem in the future. With a trick you can also get out of conversation Offside.

It also happens that you were added to a group unintentionally. But then you don’t want everyone to notice when you leave them again. The popular messenger basically states that the members of the group are informed of their own activities.

If the group gets smaller, the participants will be informed who has left. However, there is a trick to bypassing this functionality, as reported by “Netzwelt”.

WhatsApp officially introduces There is no possibility to leave group chats ‘secretly’. But with a simple trick, users can bypass the basic settings simply by muting the group. If those WhatsApp group notifications are muted, you won’t hear anything anymore. Thanks to the mute function, it will ring or vibrate smart phone No, and the messages are no longer displayed on the screen.

This is how it works

If you type conversation In the group name at the top of the screen, you can easily deactivate the group notification. AndroidUsers can select the “Always” option under “Mute notifications”.

An appleUsers choose the “Always” option under the “Mute” item. From now on, you can only know the number when you open WhatsApp Messages was missed. If that’s still too much for you, try the next trick.

away from the eye away from the heart

When a WhatsApp group is not in a file conversationThe list is displayed, you just need to transfer it to the archive. To do this, hold your finger on the group in for a long time conversation-List. in a Android A green tick appears next to the group photo. An apple Users are presented with a list of different options.

Then click on the “Archive” (Android) or “Archive” icon in the menu (Apple). It is in the upper right corner. This is the method used by the file conversation Simply go to the archive. Users cannot leave WhatsApp groups, but they disappear in the archive and thus become invisible.

Recently, WhatsApp introduced another useful feature. After a certain period of time Chat messages delete themselves. This is how you get rid of spam messages.

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