Infographic: Older Brits are particularly loyal to the King

Fifty-eight percent of Britons surveyed by YouGov on behalf of BBC Panorama believe the country should continue to have a royal head of state in the future. The total number allows us to conclude that the monarchy in Great Britain is still received primarily positively today. However, the breakdown by age group shows that baby boomers in particular can identify with the British royal family.

As our graph shows, 78 percent of those surveyed over the age of 65 would like to see a future queen or king as head of state, while only 15 percent would like to be elected head of state. On the other hand, Generation Z has a much weaker connection to the royal family and the 300-year history of monarchy in the United Kingdom.

Of this group, only a third would like to keep a royal head of state, 38% would prefer it. Also striking: about 30 percent did not respond to the relevant question, so it seems that they are not interested or do not have an opinion about the royal future of Great Britain, while other age groups seem to have dealt with the question more intensively. On the other hand, in Germany, there is little interest in restoring the monarchy. According to a joint survey by YouGov and Statista, only 23 percent of those surveyed want the German royal family back.

Charles III is crowned on the 6th of May. As the thirteenth monarch of the United Kingdom since the union of Scotland and England in 1707. Charles III formally succeeds the late Elizabeth II and has been head of state in Great Britain and 14 Commonwealth countries since that time.

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