May 27, 2024

Pun: What is the funniest brand name in the UK?

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Comment on the photo, Rhondda was replaced by “Wanda” in this chip shop to play in the 1988 film starring John Cleese

If you're a fan of a bag of potato chips, you've probably visited a chip shop with a pun-derived name.

From the relatively straightforward The Codfather in London to A Fish Called Rhondda in Pentre, the more elaborately named Rhondda Cynon Taf, chip shop owners can't resist a play on words.

Others involved in the action include London barbers Barber Streisand, Sunderland wine shop Amy Winehouse, and pottery café Kilning Me Softly in Milton Keynes.

Florist Rachel Allen owns the brilliantly named Dark Side of the Bloom outside Bangor in Gwynedd, North Wales.

Naming her business after the Pink Floyd album Dark Side of the Moon turned out to be a shredded business decision, she said.

“It just took off, and we got so much feedback, it's unbelievable,” she said.

Image source, The Dark Side of Bloom / Instagram

Comment on the photo, Rachel Allen (right) wanted the name of her florist to reflect the alternative weddings they work on

“I wanted something that reflected a little bit of an alternative florist rather than just a factory run because we do a lot of alternative weddings.

“The dark side represents the color black and funerary action and it was clear that the flower was flowers.”

“I have a lot of bikers and I've done a lot of biker funerals and weddings too I guess [the name] “It attracted them, so it's really good,” she said.

Image source, The Dark Side of Bloom / Instagram

Comment on the photo, Rachel says naming her store Dark Side of the Bloom has been good for business

Rachel's business has been shortlisted for a competition aiming to find the name of the shop that makes the best – or worst, depending on your preference – use of the pun.

The list of funny and other ear-piercing names was compiled by language learning platform Babbel, which analyzed TikTok, Instagram, X (formerly known as Twitter) and Facebook to find the 120 most popular names.

A public poll will determine the overall winner who will be named in the new year.

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Comment on the photo, Katherine Robson said having a memorable name didn't make much of a difference in her business

North Wales business owner Catherine Robson was also shortlisted with her boutique called Damsel In This Dress.

“The store at the time was next to a castle, and the building the store was in was an armory, so we wanted it to have something to do with women and castles,” she explained.

But she doesn't attribute the success of her store in Harlech, Gwynedd, to the memorable name.

In fact, she changed the name of the business's Facebook page to Wool & Gifts Harlech after finding that people searching online were more likely to use the store's location rather than the name.

What's it about shopkeepers and puns?

Noel Wolfe, a linguistic and cultural expert at Babylon, said: “It is undeniable that puns have a special place in the hearts of Britons.”

“The beauty of puns lies in their ability to exploit the diverse vocabulary and multiplicity of meanings of the English language – and the spread of puns in Britain is testament to the flexibility and richness of the English language.”

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Comment on the photo, Unisex Barbershop Barber Streisand is located in London

Some other names that appeared on the long list:

  • Puff Dad E (vape shop, Essex)
  • Jean-Claude Van Man (Takedowns, Southport)
  • Some Fin Fishy (Pet Shop, Wirral)
  • Pest control in peace (pest control, wilmslow)
  • Titanic (Thai restaurant, Belfast)
  • Hairy windows (pet nannies, shetland, scotland)
  • William the Concreter (concrete mixer truck, Battle, East Sussex)
  • Jason Donervan (Kebab Van, Bristol)
  • Taco Look at Me Now (Taco Van, West Sussex)
  • Bonnie Tyler (Tylers, Llantwit Major, Vale of Glamorgan)
  • I Love You Latte (Cafe, Mumbles, Swansea)
  • Apocalypse Cow (BBQ Restaurant, Birmingham)
  • Doner Summer (kebab shop, Leeds)