Aidan Roberts climbs The Lions Share and proposes 8C+

Aidan Roberts The climbing world gives a new 8C+ rock. The 24-year-old Brit is very much in the business these days, thanks in large part to his 9A climb to Alfan. He himself says that it was the three Vecchio projects that made him realize the physiological and psychological progress he had made.

When Aidan first came to Ticino, it was these three old projects on the Vecchio block that caught his eye. On every trip he can check one. by name Everything that light touches (8C) In the spring of 2022, Sit Vecchio Leon (8C+) In the fall of 2022 and now recently The Lions Share. Every time he managed to achieve one of the first ascents, he thought the remaining ascents had exceeded the limit. While he says The Lions Share felt heavier sitting in the Vecchio Leone (8C+), he also rated it an 8C+. We can’t wait to see what future repeaters have to say about it.

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