February 28, 2024

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Theresa May is now sitting in the back seats of the House of Commons, but she still speaks from time to time.

On the island she likes to wear flashy shoes – during holidays, often in Zermatt, like hiking shoes: Theresa May, former British Prime Minister for a good two years. I have Dr. Now more time for Switzerland, purely for tourism, far from any politics. Lady May (who will soon turn 65) and her husband Sir Philip – the crown’s preference for the first former couple in British politics with the gentry – have been vacationing in the local mountains for years, which of course makes them especially endearing.

In one of her first interviews after leaving 10 Downing Street in tears in July 2019, May said she would not write a memoir or keep a journal. She would have preferred to write a thriller inspired by the first rise of the Matterhorn by compatriot Edward Wimper in 1865 or by the tragic downfall of four of the seven members of the Whymper rope team. The criminal investigation at the time was unable to confirm the suspicion that Whymper had cut the rope.

It is clear that Tory groups are not always reliable and that conspirators sometimes break a chain of restrictions. May, who replaced David Cameron in July 2016 after a yes vote in the Brexit referendum, ultimately failed due to the UK’s dangerous and dangerous secession from the EU in terms of foreign, domestic and party policies; She didn’t get her deals with Brussels through Parliament, and party friends like Boris Johnson were and still have limited loyalty and no real friends.

May doesn’t count on the MP’s fee of around £82,000, because she earns a lot elsewhere: she makes hardworking letters – appearances in Zurich, Atlanta, Dubai or San Antonio are guaranteed – and collects a six-figure fee for it. This is what their predecessors Cameron, Blair and Brown have done as well, both from the Conservative Party and the Labor Party. In addition, Philip May will not be spared from his job as investment director at the US financial group Capital Group.

The two, who have no children, reside at the old English place Sonning, in the Mae Circle. It seems to be a favorite residential area: Hollywood star George Clooney has a place to stay there, as do rock musicians John Lord (Deep Purple), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), and Rick Lee (ten years later), who are meanwhile quiet but otherwise quiet. It is just anything unneeded. May, the daughter of an Anglican pastor, regularly attends services at St Andrews Village Church. She loves “too British” cricket, which is a mystery to continental Europe, and boasts having several cookbooks—what Theresa May creates from her at home escapes potentially blasphemous Continental judgment.

May recently criticized the Western disaster in Afghanistan in the House of Commons. It is not at all that her successor can always count on May’s vote, quite the contrary; There are too many bills due. After all, May has a staunch supporter in Defense Secretary Ben Wallace: He warmly recommends her as the successor to Jens Stoltenberg, who will step down as NATO Secretary General within a year.

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