The European Union and the United States should demand reforms from bin Salman

Cronprins Mohammed bin Salman

If the crown prince does not want to put his fate and that of his country in the hands of Beijing and Moscow, he will have to adapt to the United States and Europe politically in the future.

(Photo: dpa)

Investigations in the United States showed that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman issued the order to kill and dismember the dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Kingdom’s consulate in Istanbul.

The entry ban to the United States on 76 Saudi citizens of the sawmill in 2018 is a clear signal of two things: The United States will not get away with the crime, but it has so far escaped the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia.

This is what human rights activists criticize. The fact that the man gets out behind the scenes unhurt is considered by many to be totally unfair. But this opinion is not entirely correct.

Because in parallel with the entry ban, the new leadership in Washington has not ignored the desert state that its predecessor Donald Trump was courting and House of Governance: instead of the $ 100 billion arms deals as under Trump, Joe Biden is reorganizing ties with an important ally. In the Middle East and a call to change course from Riyadh.

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This opens up new opportunities for Western geopolitics: If the crown prince, known only as Mohammed bin Salman, does not want to put his fate and that of his country in the hands of Beijing and Moscow, he will have to adapt politically to the United States and Europe in the future. Germany has banned arms shipments to Riyadh in the alliance agreement with the Grand Coalition, and Washington will subject these shipments to conditions in the future.

This helps end the shameful Yemen war – an inhuman proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. It opens opportunities to negotiate with the two powers, Sunni and Shiite Islam, over a new political order in the Middle East.

The policy of reforms and stability

All countries in the region plus the USA and the European Union should have an interest in this and start a much-needed conference on security and stability in powder keg in the Middle East. Just as the OSCE did at the height of the Cold War. To make Saudi Arabia and Iran pariah states through tough sanctions rather than trying a fresh start opportunity would be foolish.

Mohammed bin Salman is needed for this, as is the case with the Tehran rulers, who also announced the killing. Crown Prince Mohammed and the current Iranian government are not only avenging the bloody revenge of opposition figures, but are also pursuing domestic political reforms.

The clear rejection of Mohammed bin Salman, who no longer supports him unconditionally – as Trump did – but the call for reforms and a stabilization policy for the region would be the right start for the West to pacify the region full of weapons.

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