May 22, 2024

Senden’s “Personal Shopper” dresses guests for Charles’ coronation

The area’s only “personal shopper,” Sonia Grau, has been in business for months. The style consultant has been in the business for nearly 30 years. And when he was with the royal family in London Big events are coming, she has assignments.

“It’s such a joy to be able to work on the coronation,” says Grau. Who exactly is the electoral broadcaster of the new king Elegant, you must not betray. There are only less than ten people. Wealthy people inside and out who have neither the time nor the nerve to spend a long time searching for the right outfit for the event of the century, such as the coronation of the British royal family.

Photo: Grau Agency

Photo: Grau Agency

Sonja Grau works in a casual blue velvet suit — and next to a portrait of the Queen.

Coronation dress came “too late” this year. Thus guests from Germany, like Bernard Margrave of Baden, who travels to London with his wife Stephanie from Salem on Lake Constance, just as Grau’s clients have a little less time than usual to put together their wardrobe for various occasions. The one thing Grau reveals about her clients: “80 percent of her clients consist of public figures or business people.” They are often from a movie and televisionOr economics, or politics, or sports.

The coronation was bought in Munich, not in Ulm

in their regular stores Munich Grau created coronation attire, which was slightly simpler than in the past. Simpler than the wedding of Prince William and Catherine “Kate” Middleton or the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s accession to the throne — both dates that Grau also claims he participated in as a “personal shopper.”

Photo: Phil Harris, DPA (archive photo)

Photo: Phil Harris, DPA (archive photo)

When the royals get together, sparkly headpieces are standard.

The royal family gave instructions to the hand-picked guests via email, which were sent to Grau. King Charles has commanded that the coronation reflect a modern and multicultural image of the United Kingdom. “Less luxurious, less luxurious.” Pictures of purple velvet coats trimmed with fur should not go all over the world.

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Sonja Grau’s clients are still a secret

Grau, who has served friends of the royal family for several decades, has also received mail from the royal family himself. Not an invitation, but rough framework statements that would help her advise her clients. Details are kept secret. Sheer appreciation is one of the secrets of her success.

Photo: Andrew Matthews, DPA (archive photo)

Photo: Andrew Matthews, DPA (archive photo)

Detail view of the royal engraving on Queen Camilla’s throne at Frogmore Workshops.

Codenamed the Golden Orb, the royal family choreographed a shorter coronation ceremony in which the dress code was significantly relaxed. “You saw that we moved with a restrained, elegant style,” says Grau. This means: your clothes are monochromatic in “powdery colours”: from pale pink to light green to baby blue. But gray and black tones are also popular. Of course, royal blue or emerald green always goes for a British event. In her view, only flattering patterns and sheer fabrics are a go-to for the coronation ceremony, which is said to be far different from the one in 1953. “No bling bling, no tutu.”

Tips from the cast: These colors can be worn at coronations

Women’s hats have always been an important subject at royal events. There are almost no guidelines for this. “It is rumored that there will be no crown for women this year.” Instead of crowns used for hairstyles, a magician’s tool is used. These are sometimes the eye-catching and must-have women’s hats on the racetrack or at coronations in England. Pantsuits are also widely accepted by women this year, which was unthinkable years ago. If it was meant to be a dress, Grau adhered to the calf length requirement.

The cheapest garment Grau chose this year cost 5,000 euros. “There is no upper limit.” The staggering sums Grau has spent on behalf of the royal family’s guests in the Bavarian state capital: Munich is not inferior to London or Paris when it comes to fashion. “Olm You can’t keep up with the art of tailoring,” says Grau. Grau doesn’t know names here either: she doesn’t divulge the names of shops or designers. Discretion and self-imposed ad bans play a role here, too.

Sonya Grau credits Philip Treacy hats

With one exception: There’s no way to beat hats by Irish hat designer Philip Treacy. “The king of the hat is more important than ever.” Tracy graces the capes of all royal weddings, and Grau himself has worn his creations since she was a little girl. Grau’s work is finished, and the broadcaster will follow the coronation on television. On Saturday morning, King Charles will drive with Camilla from London’s Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey in the “Diamond Jubilee” state carriage. At 11 am, they will pass through the main gate of the church. Around 12 noon, Archbishop of Canterbury Charles will place the Edwardian crown on his head.

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