December 5, 2023

In the spirit of the “100-year” anniversary: ​​LH Doskozil visits the community of Burgenland in North America

Government representatives meet with Burgenland residents in Canada and the United States

A delegation from the Burgenland state government, led by Governor Hans Peter Toskozil, will visit Canada and the United States from today to October 24, 2023 to visit Burgenland immigrants and their descendants. The delegation – which was much smaller compared to previous trips – included State Councilor Leonhard Schneemann. The government duo was accompanied by two board members from the Burgenland community – Klaus Gerger and Erwin Weinhofer – as well as the former head of the state parliament. D. Verena Dunst, who has been involved in the community for many years, was instrumental in the production of the show during her tenure. The trip is about the state anniversary of ‘100 Years of Burgenland’ and its impact on the community of Burgenlanders in North America.

About 66,000 people have emigrated from Burgenland in the last century. At that time, Burgenland was a country with agricultural structures, capital and few jobs. So it is quite understandable that many left to find happiness in the New World. Nevertheless, many immigrants never forget their homeland. On the contrary, their individual fates are part of Burgenland’s history,” says Governor Hans Peter Toskozil: “To this day there is a strong connection with the people who emigrated from Burgenland and their descendants. We saw this once again during the 100th anniversary of our statehood. We could feel the pride that still connects Burgenlanders abroad to their homeland – what pride Burgenland has become in the last 100 years. Therefore, it is important for us to continue to maintain these connections – from a traditional sense, but to create networks for the future that will be valuable to the younger generation.

For more than 50 years, it has been a fine tradition for members of state governments to visit the Burgenland people in Canada and the United States. The trip took place for the first time in 1971 on the anniversary of “50 years of Burgenland”. The current visit concerns the aftermath of Burgenland’s 100th anniversary in 2021. This year’s program includes stays in Toronto, Chicago, Allentown and New York, where there will be meetings with people from Burgenland abroad. Another highlight will be the 100th anniversary of the “Katharinen Paul” “First Burgenlander Austria SC New York” – the community that existed until Burgenland.

The purpose of the visit is to open a new chapter in maintaining contacts with the Burgenland community, the governor emphasizes: “We want to create platforms to present Burgenland to the young generation of immigrants and to enable targeted exchange, e.g. With institutions like Joseph Hayden Private University and FH Burgenland B. We will be adding more social networks. ” An overall concept in this regard will be drawn at the state level.

Eisenstadt, October 16, 2023

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