December 11, 2023

Ice hockey team loses to Slovakia in preparation for the World Cup

Ice hockey team loses to Slovakia in preparation for the World Cup

The German ice hockey team headed by national coach Toni Soderholm lost to Slovakia in preparation for the World Cup. Photo: Robert Michael / D

The Germans started better than the day before, when the first third, with three goals conceded, was decisive for a 1: 3 defeat against the Slovaks. In front of 2,300 spectators, the hosts advanced twice thanks to goals from Nuremberg’s Tim Fleischer (15th minute) and Iserlohn’s Taro Jentzsch (33).

In the final third, the German selection increased and pressured the visitors at times, but they had to accept 2:3 for Oliver O’Koliar in the 57th minute. As in previous test games, former NHL striker Dominic Kahun, the team’s most prominent player, took a breather this time. also.

The team will meet in Schöningen for the final training camp on Thursday. There, on May 8, the World Cup rehearsal will take place from May 13 to 29 in Finland against Austria. After the play-off at DEL, players from Adler Mannheim can be present for the first time in Schwenningen.

There will likely be a big change in the lineup. Which Mannheimer is available for the World Cup is just as open as the number of World Cup Finalists from DEL Berlin and Munich. Meanwhile, NHL goalkeeper Philipp Grobauer has already announced his arrival at Schwenningen.

The World Cup trip is also expected by NHL professionals Tim Stützle and Moritz Seider. The World Cup begins in the home of Germany’s national team Söderholm on May 13 with the group match against world record champions Canada.

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