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The year 1860 and the game was played in the United States.  TSV 1860 Munich vs TSV Havelse: Victory!  Havelse on TV: TSV 1860 Munich vs. TSV Havelse: Victory!

The year 1860 and the game was played in the United States. TSV 1860 Munich vs TSV Havelse: Victory! Havelse on TV: TSV 1860 Munich vs. TSV Havelse: Victory!

Fans support TSV 1860 Munich with drums and flags. (icon image)

On April 30, 2022, TSV 1860 Munich will host TSV Havels in the 36th round of the third German Bundesliga. The event takes place at the city stadium on Grünwalder Straße. TSV 1860 Munich, the home team, entered the match as the favorite. At the final whistle, the teams were separated 3: 0. In the end, TSV 1860 Munich emerged as the winner. Christian Balwig is in charge of the match.

With this win at home, Michael Kollner can rest easy. Few players are in good positions when playing away. On the other hand, Rudiger Zell will have to reckon with his defeat. The host country, led by coach Michael Kollner, is fourth in the table with 58 points. The opponent coached by Rüdiger Ziehl scored 23 points and is now 19th in the table.

TSV 1860 Munich vs TSV 1860 Munich (All goals, all cards) In the third German Bundesliga, TSV Havelse plays in the 36th round.

Philip Steinhart of the 1860s took the job at 27 minutes. On the field he is supported by Fabian Grellinger.

TSV 1860 from Munich Semi Belkаhiа scored the first goal of the match after 51 minutes.

The 1860s Merveille Biаnkadi was replaced at 61 minutes. Richard Neudecker plays his part for him.

Havelse’s Fynn-Luca Lakenmacher was replaced at 75 minutes. Yannick Jayschke joins him on the field.

1860 striker Marcel Parr scores after 82 minutes.

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Havels changed striker Turben Engelking for Florian Riedel after 84 minutes.

84th minute: Kianz Froese is replaced by Julius Langfeld.

Eric Talleg of the 1860s leaves the field after 88 minutes. For him, Kevin Gooden plays his part.

In the 88th minute, Yannick Deschmann left the field for TSV 1860 Munich. Stefan Salger entered the arena for him.

Havelse exchanged midfielder Noah Bloom for Oliver Didlow in the 88th minute.

Marcel Barr scored from 1860 Munich in the 89th minute.

Dennis Dressel, in the 1860s, is about to leave the field after 89 minutes. Alexandre Freytag plays his part for him.

Final result: TSV 1860 Munich wins 3-0 at the end of the match.

During the entire match between TSV 1860 Munich and TSV Havelse, one goalkeeper stood out as a player in the match: Marcel Barr scored two goals in total. Those goals showed once again how important he is to his team. Belkahia and Bar scored the goals of the match.

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The year 1860 and the game was played in the United States. Havelsee: The third German Bundesliga schedule for the 36th match.

After the 36th day of the 1860 vs 1860 match, the current schedule is as follows: Havelsi (starting at 14:00 on April 30, 2022).

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