December 2, 2023

400 fans celebrate EHC Olten at the end of the season

400 fans celebrate EHC Olten at the end of the season

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Knelsen resignation and departure of Forget and Co: 400 fans celebrate EHC Olten at the end of the season

EHC Olten officially concluded a fun season 21/22 with a party attended by nearly 400 fans at Kleinholz Stadium on Saturday. No fewer than 14 players took center stage as they bid farewell.

Farewell players.

Patrick Luthi

On the last day of the season, which officially runs until the end of April, EHC Olten invited an end-of-season party – and they turned out in droves: More than 400 EHCO fans celebrated at the outdoor ice rink at Kleinholz Arena, a team that has been excited since September Until April, sometimes he crushes records in the club’s history books and goes to the final.

As usual, spokeswoman Meg Stalder led the program in a humorous and entertaining manner and was at its best when two valuable sponsor watches, worn by Simon Ritz and Elliott Antonity during the tournament’s months, were auctioned off for EHCO Youth.

End of season party photos:

But anyone who waited for EHC Olten to announce a contract extension or even a new signing at the end of the party was disappointed.

Instead, the Power Rats invited no fewer than 14 players. It is therefore clear that EHCO will not extend the contract with any other player whose contract is expiring. And so Dominique Forget & Co. was expelled to thunderous applause.

Knelsen: “I’m going to Langenthal for three years!” – “No, no, just a joke!”

Last but not least, the focus was on Dion Nelsen. The Canadian retired from professional sports at the age of 33 and returned to his native Canada with his family. Before saying goodbye, he felt like he was joking, grabbed the microphone and said, “I’m going to Langenthal for three years!” When the whistles sounded, Nelson said in a good mood: “No, no – just a joke!”

Finally, his voice broke briefly when he spoke emotionally about his three years at EHC Olten: he met incredibly nice people and Switzerland became a second home for him and his family. But now it’s time to open the next chapter.

How much Knelsen is worth in EHC Olten’s environment became clear after the official part, when an endless line formed in front of him and fans had to wait a few minutes for a selfie or autograph, while Knelsen’s wife Kimberly was next door listening to the right music or shedding another parting tear.

a team

EHC Olten Season 22/23 (Status: April 30, 2022)

Dominique Neveller (new from Kloten)
Lucas Rutelli (new from EVZ Academy)

Simon Seiler (new from Kloten)
Victor Oejdemark (new from La Chaux-de-Fonds)
Elliot Antonity
Florian Schmukle
Cedric Maurer
Stephen Hugbert

Giacomo Dal Bian (new by Ambri-Piotta)
My neighbor Nan
Stanislav Horansky
luke for hotak
Simon Stirchi
Dominic Widder
Sylvain Weiss
Cedric Hessler
Jan Mosiman

Final departures:
Simon Ritz (Bill), Joel Scheidegger (Friborg Gutieron), Leonardo Fuhrer (La Chaux-de-Fonds), Dan Weiskopf, Cyril Oehn (both Visp), Robin Schwab (Basel), Dion Nielsen (resignation), Colin Smith (?), Simon Luthi (?), Nico Gurtner (?), Dominic Nesien (?), Adam Hassani (?), Jerome Portman (?), Silas Matis (?).

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