May 22, 2024

Hong Kong: ex-husband arrested by cut-off influencer

Hong Kong

Ex-husband arrested by unhinged influencer

Abby Choi, a model and influencer from Hong Kong, died, her body was found crushed in a freezer — and now the police have arrested four people.


Influencer Abby Choi was brutally murdered and dismembered.

after Killing and dismembering a 28-year-old model Hong Kong police arrested four people. Police said Abby Choi’s ex-husband was arrested on Saturday as he tried to flee the Chinese search and rescue area by boat. His older brother and their parents had already been arrested the day before.

Parts of the remains of Choe, who was also an influencer, were discovered in a refrigerator in a country house. “We are still looking for the head,” police official Alan Chung told reporters.

The police find a meat grinder and a chainsaw

According to the information, the house had an electric saw and a meat grinder, which were used to mince human flesh. Chung added that two cans of soup believed to contain human tissue were left at the scene.

The police suspected that “the victim and her ex-husband’s family had financial disputes involving large sums of money.” Someone was unhappy with “how the victim managed his assets,” Chung said, which may have led to the killing.

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The family misled investigators

Choi was first reported on Wednesday. She was reportedly last seen by her ex-husband’s 28-year-old brother, who was working as her chauffeur. According to the police, the family had previously lied to mislead investigators.

Zhong said that the unfurnished house in the country was recently rented out, which indicates that it was specially organized to dispose of the corpse. About a hundred police officers combed a cemetery on Saturday where they suspected other remains of the influential figure.

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