June 14, 2024

Thai Airways: Crew fail to clean food before landing and will be fined

Passengers document everything

The Thai crew does not clear food before landing – now they are being punished

Although passengers on a Thai Airways flight tried to draw attention to themselves several times, they were ignored. The airline apologizes and punishes the crew.


This video caused outrage on Tiktok.

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  • On one flight, the flight crew failed to bring out three passengers’ food before landing.

  • Someone posted a video of the landing on TikTok, which caught the attention of the airline.

  • Cabin crew have been suspended for a month and their pay will be reduced.

Thai Airways is punishing cabin crew with pay cuts and suspensions for not clearing food trays until after landing. The basis for this was a video clip that went viral on Tiktok.

The video was posted a week ago and shows trays of food placed on folding tables in front of three chairs. A look out the window shows that the plane has already landed. A day later, the passenger posted another video in which she commented on the flight from Singapore to Bangkok. Your presence was concernedwhen I heard the announcement that they were about to land and It’s still her food It was on the tables.

They pressed the call button several times – the crew ignored them

Then I tried to get the crew’s attention via the call button, but they didn’t react. During the descent, she and her friends had to hold on to the trays so that nothing would fall out, which didn’t quite work out. After landing, they were supposed to continue waiting and ask the crew to remove the trays. Only then were they finally able to fold the tables and get up.

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The airline said on Facebook on Saturday that the incident was under investigation. Passenger safety is the top priority and the cabin crew has a checklist to follow before landing. Two days later, the airline announced a one-month suspension and pay cuts for officials, the Bangkok Post reported.

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