Hitler’s speech on the train to Vienna – concentration camp survivors had to listen to it

worried passengers

Hitler’s speech on the train to Vienna – concentration camp survivors (91) had to listen to it

Strange scenes occurred on an Austrian train on Sunday evening: hundreds of passengers received a letter from Hitler.


Two people boarded the train from Bregenz to Vienna on the evening of May 14, 2023 and gained access to the train driver’s cabin.

IMAGO / Manfred Segerer

  • On an express train of the Austrian Federal Railways, excerpts from Adolf Hitler’s speech can be heard over the loudspeaker.

  • Instead of the usual announcements, a “Heil Hitler” and several “Sieg Heil” calls startled the passengers.

  • A concentration camp survivor and rabbi of the Viennese community had to listen to the speech.

Passengers on a train from Bregenz to Vienna had to listen to Adolf Hitler’s speech on Sunday night. across all gigs Suddenly National Socialist phrases rang out over the megaphone – including fervent calls of “Sieg Heil”.

“It was very annoying,” says David Stögmüller, a member of the National Green Council, who was seated on the fully occupied train, comparing Heute.at. According to the politician, the flight attendant exclaimed, “She doesn’t know what to do anymore.” In desperation, the inspector “pulled the fuse and tried everything,” says Stugmüller. Even with the ad button, Hitler’s voice can’t be stopped.

Some laughed out of embarrassment.

A concentration camp survivor and rabbi of the Viennese community also had to listen to Hitler’s speech being played out, Heute.at reports. “The Nazis wiped out almost our entire families at that time,” says Daniel, who was traveling on the train with a friend and his 91-year-old grandmother.

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The Viennese community rabbi, Shlomo Hoffmeister, says: “The first announcement came shortly after St. Polten, but still sounded very decent. After a pause, noise and laughter ensued – it became more and more ridiculous. Until at last Hitler’s speech could be heard, which continued About 15 seconds,” he says. “It was very unpleasant for most of the train passengers. Some laughed out of embarrassment.

Sermons were stored on a mobile phone

The Aba news agency reported Monday that two people appeared to have used a key to enter the train drivers’ service compartment. From there they repeatedly played Hitler’s speeches over the train’s loudspeaker system and They shouted the Hitler salute. According to previous information, the suspects were able to place a mobile phone with the recording next to the microphone, she said.

A complaint was filed against the two, who were clearly visible on the video materials as they left Vienna. It is not known how they obtained the key, but it can be ruled out that they were OBB employees, a railway spokesperson said. “It’s a standard key that’s used all over Europe, of which there are probably tens of thousands.”

Spreading Nazi propaganda is a punishable offense in Austria. According to APA, an investigation is underway into whether the suspects were also responsible for two incidents last week on a train from St. Polten to Vienna, as recordings were also played over the on-board radio. It remained unclear whether they also had a Nazi background. According to the APA, all employees of the Austrian Federal Railways have a suitable key to the train driver’s compartments.


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