HISTORICAL SITUATION – A heat wave in the northwest of the United States – News

Historical Situation – Heat Wave in Northwest US – News – SRF

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  • The northwestern United States is experiencing a severe heat wave.
  • The National Weather Service is talking about a historic situation.
  • In many states on the Pacific coast, temperatures were 10 degrees above the long-term average for several days.
  • Portland experienced its hottest day since measurements began on Saturday afternoon, at 42 degrees.

Many stores sold portable air conditioners and fans. In the cold Northwest of the United States, unlike other regions, few people have air conditioners.

Fear of power outages

Energy service providers have called on consumers to save electricity. You fear a power outage if it stays hot. Various cities and municipalities have set up cold rooms for the homeless or the physically weak. Volunteers help run these cooling centers. Homeless people are encouraged to use cooling centres. American media reports on several volunteers who donated chilled water bottles to those in need.

An expert from the University of Washington told the Associated Press news agency that due to climate change, such heat waves are expected to occur more frequently in the northwestern United States in the future. Higher rates are expected for Sunday and Monday. Many previous heat records can be broken. The National Weather Service expects hot weather to continue.

SRF News 4, 27.06.2021, 4:00;

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