October 5, 2023

His new job also takes him to Switzerland

His new job also takes him to Switzerland

At the beginning of December, Sebastian Kurz resigned from all political positions. The 35-year-old will start a new job in February.

The basics in brief

  • In October, Sebastian Kurz resigned after corruption allegations.
  • He has not held any political position since the beginning of December.
  • In February, the 35-year-old will take up a management job in Silicon Valley.

Sebastian Kurz had a very steep political career: in 2017, when he was 31 years old at that time, he became the youngest person in the world head of government. Even the Ibiza case doesn’t seem to have brought him down. After his dismissal from his office, he was reappointed as Chancellor of Austria shortly thereafter.

But once his political ascent, his downfall was abrupt: amid allegations of corruption The 35-year-old resigned as Federal Chancellor at the beginning of October 2021. He resigned in early December of all political positions back.

Managerjob in Silicon Valley

Kurz has now found a new job, Kronen Zeitung reports. From the beginning of February he will work in a global company in Silicon Valley work. Then he must live a classic administrative life between San Francisco, Vienna, Germany and Switzerland.

In addition, Sebastian Kurz is also likely to take over the duties of the International Supervisory Board. Rule out a return to politics. He stressed earlier that “ten years in politics will be enough.”

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