July 16, 2024

High-tech weapons of Ukraine.  As if you were just making calls with your iPhone 13.

High-tech weapons of Ukraine. As if you were just making calls with your iPhone 13.

The Mars rocket launcher can launch 12 rockets with 8000 bomblets with a length of 32 kilometers in one minute. Germany wants to deliver four copies of the Bundeswehr stockpile to Ukraine. The United States is training Ukrainian soldiers in the systems.

Wolfgang Elms / Keystone / DPA

Ukrainian fighters are increasingly receiving advanced and high-tech weapons from abroad. However, its operation and maintenance is not so easy.

More than 100 days after Russia invaded Ukraine, it appeared commitments from the WestTo supply Ukraine with heavy precision weapons. This would enable Ukrainian soldiers to better defend themselves against Russian attacks, which destroy entire cities with long-range artillery.

Great Britain announced on Monday that it will send several M270 multiple rocket launchers with a range of up to 80 kilometers to Ukraine. According to a report in El Pais newspaper, Spain also wants to deliver German Leopard 2 A4 battle tanks and anti-aircraft missiles to the country. The United States had announced a few days ago the delivery of long-range weapons. Germany wants to deliver seven Panzerhaubitz 2000s from the Bundeswehr stockpile to Ukraine. Even heavy equipment such as anti-aircraft tanks It’s no longer taboo.

Training delays publishing on the site

But no one in the Ukrainian army knows how to use it. Training Ukrainian soldiers in the use of high-tech equipment became a major obstacle, which significantly delayed their deployment on the ground. According to the plans of the British government, training of the missile launch system planned for Ukraine is scheduled to take place in Great Britain. Training on tanks from Spain will take place first in Latvia and later in Spain. On May 11, training of Ukrainian soldiers on tank-mounted howitzers began in Germany. It should be completed about 40 days later in June, as «daily mirror“mentioned.

However, some high-end hardware is already in use on site – and causing problems there. More than a month ago, for example, the artillery unit Dmytro Pysanka secured a high-tech rangefinder that measures distances using laser technology and was supplied by the West. If the kaleidoscope reads the numbers and lines correctly, it provides the information needed to calculate an accurate target.

User manual via translation software

Dmytro Pysanka complains “It’s like getting an iPhone 13 and only being able to make calls”The New York Times». Some soldiers managed to get the device working but then went elsewhere, leaving the unit with a useless piece of technology. “I tried to learn how to use it by reading the manual in English and using Google Translate to understand it,” Pisanka told the US newspaper.

If the missiles are delivered: Putin threatens the West

In an interview with Russian state television, President Vladimir Putin is considering attacking other targets in Ukraine. This will happen if the United States begins supplying Ukraine with long-range missiles.


Dilemma confirms problems with Ukraine’s demands for high-tech Western weapons Equipment: whether it is anti-tank missiles, howitzers or satellite-guided missiles, Ukrainian forces need to know how to use them. Without proper training, which sometimes takes months due to the required technology, this just doesn’t work.

Maintenance is also important. “Ukrainians are keen to use Western equipment, but training is required to maintain it,” he says. Michael Kaufman, director of Russian Studies at CNA, a research institute in Arlington, Virginia, told The New York Times. Analysts say that if the weapons were provided without adequate training, there could be the same disaster that occurred in Afghanistan, where the United States supplied the Afghan military with equipment that could not be maintained without massive logistical support.

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Last but not least, the delivery of such high-tech weapons is not without risks, he writes «work week». Military experts fear that a howitzer could fall into the hands of the Russians in 2000. This would give the aggressor some kind of building instruction and he could make similar weapons.