October 4, 2023

Here 15 billion drowned in the sea

Here 15 billion drowned in the sea

The wreck of a Spanish ship carrying 15 billion treasures off the coast of Colombia. The government has now filmed this for the first time.

The basics in brief

  • The San Jose of the Spanish Silver Fleet sank in 1708 off the port of Cartagena, Colombia.
  • Since then, the wreck has been lying at a depth of about 1,000 meters with a treasure worth billions.
  • For the first time, the government has been able to photograph the precious cargo in detail using a robot.

In 1708, a naval battle broke out off the port of the Colombian city of Cartagena Governments and treasure hunters to this day Works. At a depth of about 1000 metres Spanish shipwreckcontaining a pot of gold worth billions of dollars.

Colombian Government He is now able to make amazing video recordings of this. Gold coins, vases, cannons, and luxurious crockery are scattered on the sea floor.

The Holy Grail of Shipwrecks

How did this happen? On the evening of June 8, 1708, a British squadron led by Charles Wager attacked the Spanish Silver Fleet just off the port, waiting for better winds.

The fleet laden with precious stones and gold, consisting of 14 merchant ships and three galleons to protect them, could not repel the attackers.

In the midst of the battle, the Spanish ship “San Jose” unexpectedly blew up and sank on the spot. With it went 11 million Spanish pesos and 200 tons of precious stones.

There, nearly 1,000 meters below sea level, they have been lying since then. San Jose is also considered the “Holy Grail of Shipwrecks” and sparks the imagination of treasure hunters.

A billion treasures should go to the museum

At the end of 2015, scientists first discovered the wreck of the ship “San Jose” off the coast of Colombia. Since then, various parties have argued in courts around the world over who is allowed to salvage the treasure, including Spain and Colombia.

Besides the new videos repeats the Colombian Government, wishing to lift the wreckage soon. In addition, the Navy’s remote-controlled underwater vehicle is said to have found the wreckage of two other ancient ships. Valuable goods, today about 15 billion dollars Francs Estimated, to be displayed in a museum.

Have you ever been diving?

Because San Jose is so deep, President Evan Duke At least you do not have to worry about treasure hunters: only private submarines reach such depths, which the Navy will immediately notice.

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