December 4, 2023

GTA 6 Trailer: Tomorrow is the latest possible release date

Rockstar Games fans have been looking forward to the long-awaited release of the GTA 6 trailer for weeks. However, the chances of the trailer being released soon are getting smaller by the day. But there is still one last glimmer of hope that could come tomorrow.

There have been four possible dates for the GTA 6 trailer

Four possible dates for the GTA 6 trailer have been discussed in the rumor mill. The anticipation for GTA 6 is enormous and speculation in the community is reaching unprecedented levels. Over the past few weeks, an image has been circulating online showing four possible release dates for a GTA 6 trailer. Three of those dates have already passed without a GTA 6 trailer in sight. Rockstar Games has not yet commented on GTA 6 either.

So far, only events and updates have been published for existing games from Rockstar Games on the mentioned dates. However, there is no trace of the trailer itself.

Source: Reddit/Donut_licious

The last date on the list is November 7

The last date on this list is November 7. a Reddit user The name Donut-licious has shared this information with the GTA 6 community. Discussions among users are heating up and hopes are now pinned on November 7. Some are convinced that if nothing happens by November 8th, they will have to wait a long time to get GTA 6.

As others have said, if not before November 8th, it will be a long time before we hear anything about GTA 6.


The image in question shows all four possible release dates for the trailer. While the first three dates seem somewhat questionable, the last one looks promising. There are several reasons for this:

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Rockstar Games will host an “earnings call” on November 8th. Previous trailers for games like Red Dead Redemption 1, Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA 4 and GTA 5 were announced a few days before such events.

Take-Two’s CEO announced that they expect sales of €8 billion in the next fiscal year (2024-2025). In addition, trailers for the above-mentioned titles are usually released 2 or 1.5 years before the game’s release.

Rockstar Games is looking for new employees

Rockstar Games is currently actively looking for new employees. In August 2023, the company opened a new studio in Los Angeles, but did not announce it publicly. The discovery of this studio came about through observations made on… Rockstar Games jobs site. Although the exact purpose of this studio and its projects is unknown, there are indications that it may be working on a new game after GTA 6.

on Rockstar LA jobs site Three vacancies have been posted for non-playable characters (NPCs) and other voiceover roles, as well as a co-writer for ambient dialogue and walkers. The co-author’s announcement stated the following:

Rockstar is looking for a talented writer to work on dialogue with the people around us. This is an entry-level position where you will work with other writers to create engaging interactive encounters with pedestrians in our games.

Rock Games

Are we waiting for a GTA 6 trailer from Rockstar Games tomorrow?  Tension is rising as we wait for the latest possible date.
Source: Rockstar Games

Job postings suggest it will be an open-world game with a living world of walkers and characters, similar to GTA and Red Dead Redemption. While it has not been confirmed if these vacancies are related to GTA 6, it is unlikely that they have planned the development of pedestrian and environmental dialogue in advance yet if it does not have significant importance for an upcoming project.

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We must be patient

In general, we have to be patient. The chances of the trailer being released tomorrow are slim, but not impossible. November 7th represents the last glimmer of hope on the list of possible dates. The GTA 6 community will be watching developments with enthusiasm and hoping for the long-awaited trailer to appear. However, if he doesn’t appear, there will be a huge disappointment in the community, which has been eagerly awaiting news about GTA 6 for weeks. It remains to be seen when Rockstar Games will finally shed light on this issue.