July 12, 2024

Grounded’s “Make It and Break It” update: A deep dive into game-changing features

Grounded’s “Make It and Break It” update: A deep dive into game-changing features

It’s not every day that a game gives you tools that match the developers’ tools, but Obsidian Entertainment plans to change the game with the upcoming Grounded update. Dubbed “Make It and Break It,” the update promises a new wave of creativity for players, providing them with an expansive creative mode called “Playgrounds.”

A new world of possibilities

In this massive backyard survival game, where little people face enormous challenges, the introduction of playgrounds is a revolution. This mode allows players to design custom maps and game modes, providing a canvas limited only by the imagination. The tools provided, according to sources, will match those used by the Obsidian development team, ensuring a premium and seamless design experience.[Quelle]

Build, play and share

In addition to creating custom rooms, players can use a variety of “tools and gadgets” to incorporate unique mechanics into their creations. Think sound effects, character generation, and more. What’s especially exciting is the ability to easily save and share these custom rooms, opening up new dimensions to Grounded – from racing to arena battles and beyond.[Quelle]

Behind the scenes at Obsidian

In a recent chat with Xbox Blog, Grounded game director Adam Brinke explained the driving force behind this massive update. Primary goal? To extend the playing time and enrich the experiences that players can get from Grounded, especially since the Obsidian team will inevitably take on new projects. Brennecke confirmed: “We always wanted to see what the community could create with these tools.” This sentiment underscores the developers’ confidence in their player base and their expectation of player-generated content that can surpass the original Grounded experience.[Quelle]

Extensive toolkit

Upon closer inspection, the tools provided look impressive. With features like logical switches to control the game’s designs and access to almost every object in the game’s backyard environment, there are few limits to creativity. There’s no cap on the number of items players can use, which is a subtle hint from Obsidian to encourage players to go wild with their designs and perhaps even create game-changing modes.

More than just playgrounds

The Make It and Break It update isn’t just limited to stadiums. It also brings new challenges to Burgle missions, new building-improvement core components, critical combat modifications, and intelligent modification to the Dandelion Glider. These changes allow players to flex their creative muscles beyond the standard base building mechanics, drawing comparisons to the popular Garry’s Mod in its sandbox capabilities.[Quelle]

Final thoughts

The Make It and Break It update for Grounded is shaping up to be a pivotal moment in the game’s lifecycle, providing tools that will allow players to change and redefine the world of Grounded in unprecedented ways. As we look forward to the official launch of the update on November 13, one can only be excited about the endless possibilities this update brings. As always, we’d love to hear your opinions and see the creative masterpieces you create! Share your experiences and join the discussion below.

Are you ready to explore new horizons in Grounded? Let’s build and destroy!

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