June 23, 2024

Pre-order Apple Watch Series 8, SE, and Ultra now from Amazon

Pre-order Apple Watch Series 8, SE, and Ultra now from Amazon

The next generation is here!

Photo: Apple

Just a few days ago, Apple introduced three new smartwatches consisting of the Apple Watch Series 8, SE and Ultra. With the Ultra model in particular, the manufacturer is opening up new horizons this year. Smartwatches can now be pre-ordered via Amazon.

On the remote event It became a new kit Apple Watch models Introduction, all based on the Apple S8 chip. while the SE It has technically absorbed Series 7, and Series 8 by the skin temperature sensor. Completely new in the group is Apple Watch UltraIt is the manufacturer’s first external smartwatch. However, this is the first time that a standard copy has scratched the €1,000 mark. However, the rating as the most expensive watch deserves the Series 8 with a leather strap from the luxury brand Hermès. In a separate post we have all the information for you The current generation of Apple Watch Summarization.

Apple Watch Series 8 Hermès or my iPhone 14? (Photo: Apple)

As of now, various Apple Watch models can be purchased through a number of retailers, including Amazonto be pre-ordered. Watch Series 8 and SE are expected to be available from September 16 delivered, while the Watch Ultra arrives at September 23 You have to be patient.

The entry area is the Apple Watch SE, which is already available as a GPS version of €299 Owns. LTE variant with 40 mm housing costs 369 euros. At least Apple Watch Series 8 cost €499, with a recall of 659 euros for the LTE model. However, this is only available with a 45mm disc. The top model, the Apple Watch Ultra, is available at 999 Euro Available. The most expensive watch is the previously mentioned Apple Watch Series 8 Hermès, for which Apple charges a whopping €2,029.

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