May 23, 2024

NASA's Mars probe: Photographing an unusual anomaly in the sky

NASA’s Mars probe: Photographing an unusual anomaly in the sky

on a roof Mars Do rover determination He had been busy tracking life for months. Every now and then, NASA’s rover points the camera at the sky. This only recently allowed a very rare type of photography. The sunrise over Mars was extraordinary.

NASA and Mars rover capture unusual sunrise

If there is a sunrise on the red planet, then it has its own characteristics. Such events are often blue in color. However, the ascent currently recorded by the Mars rover lacks this color scheme. a picture which was recently posted on the official Perseverance account. Written on the name of the Mars rover: “Take a moment to enjoy it: I captured my first view of the Martian sunset with Mastcam-Z.”

NASA also confirms that something is not what it should be. However, the reason for this is easy to explain.

“This sunrise looks different: Less dust in the atmosphere results in more isolated color than usual.”


This is the kind of dust that NASA allows to me (via Mashable) that blue light penetrates the atmosphere better than colors with longer wavelengths.

Over and over again, astonishing footage of the Mars rover

So far, NASA has had some success on this planeten. The Mars probe took the third stone sample. But also time and again taken photos of the car inspires the fan base. The viewer didn’t realize this until recently “Buried skeletons” in the image of the Mars rover.

Sources: Twitter / @NASAPersevere, Mashable

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