May 27, 2024

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There is currently a debate in Great Britain about banning the sale of smartphones to children under the age of 16. It informs English GuardianWho thinks that the relevant initiatives of MPs are in line with majority opinion?

Majority of parents are supportive

According to recent polls, a significant proportion of the population supports such a move. A survey of parents of school-age children found that 58 percent of parents support banning the sale of smartphones to youth under 16. More than 80 percent of those surveyed feel that smartphones are harmful to children and youth. Approval comes from both progressive and conservative camps.

Just two months ago the British Govt First guidelines Further restrictions on the use of mobile phones in English schools are now under consideration.

School guidelines are available from February onwards

In school guidelines (Download Pdf), smartphones are described as disruptive, distracting, and distracting magnets that are used in almost all teaching disciplines despite existing barriers. The guidelines suggest a variety of responses that educational institutions can use to respond to problematic smartphone use.

The recommendations include the following four concepts:

  • There are no cell phones in the school premises
  • Hand over your mobile phone upon arrival
  • Cell phones will be kept in a safe place inaccessible to students throughout the school day.
  • Cell phones are not displayed, used or heard.

A government spokesman told the Guardian they would not comment on speculation, but insisted they would make Britain a safer place for children online.

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In England, 97 percent of students over the age of 12 have a mobile phone.