May 22, 2024

US Congress: Democrats want to protect Republicans

A vote of no confidence is scheduled for Mike Johnson (left).Image: Cornerstone

Top Democrats in the US House of Representatives pledged their support for House Republican Leader Mike Johnson. On Tuesday, she said in a letter from Democratic representatives available to several American media outlets that they would block the proposal of far-right Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, through which she seeks a vote of no confidence in Johnson.

The letter continued that if there was a vote of no confidence, it would not be successful. Democrats constitute the minority in the House of Representatives, but by a very small margin. That's why the reference has such great meaning to Johnson. With the votes promised by the opposition party, its political future should be secured for now.

Greene — a staunch loyalist of former President Donald Trump — introduced the proposal at the end of March after Johnson allowed a vote in the House of Representatives on a budget package rejected by Republican hardliners. Greene had initially done so only as a “warning”, but has already announced that he would go ahead if Johnson allowed a vote on US aid to Ukraine. About a month later, that's exactly what happened. As a result, the US Congress agreed to provide billions of dollars in aid to the country attacked by Russia. In protest, two of his party colleagues joined Green's motion. Greene wrote on X (formerly Twitter) on Sunday that Johnson's days as president were “numbered.”

It will be necessary to take some intermediate parliamentary steps for a vote in the House of Representatives. With the Democrats' announcement, it is now possible that there will be no vote at all. (SDA/DPA/LIN)

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