July 16, 2024

Great Britain baffled about the Queen’s proclamation

Great Britain baffled about the Queen’s proclamation

The show must go on: Prince Charles appeared Wednesday with his wife Camilla for a date with the English Health Authority – but the journalists’ questions were directed primarily to the interview with his son and daughter-in-law.
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In 61 finely tuned words, Queen Elizabeth II met her grandson and his wife without accepting their blame. How did the British respond?

eOne of the most famous defenders of the royal family is Pierce Morgan. After Meghan’s sensational allegations and confessions, the TV anchor said on his show “Good Morning Britain” that he had not bought a single word from the Duchess, yes, “he will not believe her even when she reads the weather report.” A dirty storm ensued, a wave of protests reached the supervisory authority over British broadcasters, and Megan herself also filed a formal complaint, as she became known on Wednesday. On Tuesday, the weather official for the Morning Show also dislodged the lead presenter in person. Morgan left the studio in front of the cameras and resigned.

The scandal on Britain’s most popular breakfast show is just the most striking example of the deep rift torn apart by Prince Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey in the Kingdom. The supporters of “Team Meghan” and “Team Königin” are equally strong, but if you break down the surveys by age, you can see distinct differences. Over 60 percent of those under the age of 24 believe the Duchess has been unfairly treated by the royal family, but only 15 percent of those questioned are over 65. Megan is mainly supported in the United States, where after the tennis player Serena has also praised Williams pop stars like Beyonce and political celebrities like Hillary Clinton for their “courage” and “inspiring” the Duchess or were angry at the “cruelty” against her.

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