March 3, 2024

Christopher Ezella picked the number 5

Christopher Ezella picked the number 5

MUNICH – Christopher Ezila is looking forward to the first season of the newly founded UEFA Europa League (live on and ProSieben MAXX) at the service of Team Centurions in Cologne. At the same time, another option was opened in the direction of professional football.

In the CFL Global Draft Project, one of the two Canadian Football League selection processes, the German contestant was selected in the first round for 5th place by Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Ezila said in an interview with

“I see this as another door. At the moment I have several other construction sites. In terms of sport, I am totally focused on ELF. But I’ll see if I can merge that with CFL later. The exact plan has yet to set it up.”

Ezeala on Roughriders: “The craziest, the loudest, the craziest crowd”

Ezila, who spent two seasons with the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL, was informed in writing that he had been picked up by the Saskatchewan Rogers: “The coaches wrote to me that they drafted me, that I am part of the team and now I can decide whether to go there or not. “.

Ezeala knows the Saskatchewan Roughriders will be great for the crowd: “I don’t know Canada very well. But I know this team has the crowd craziest, hottest and craziest.” The atmosphere is in the Mosaic stadium, which seats 33,350 spectators.

Pick up Aaron Dunkourt from Calgary

Ezeala isn’t the only German picked for the 2021 CFL Global Draft. In the third round, full-back Aaron Duncour was named 21st on the NFL International Pathway by Calgary Stampeders.

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German striker Dominic Eberl, contracted by the Las Vegas Riders in the NFL, was selected in the fourth round for 29th place by Hamilton Tiger Cats.

The last pick from CFL Global Draft was Germany’s 36th-placed German defensive liner Niklas Gustaf, who plays for Morningside College in the USA and was selected by BC Lions.

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