March 3, 2024

Great Britain: Are Ukrainian refugees who entered illegally threatened with deportation to Rwanda?

Great Britain: Are Ukrainian refugees who entered illegally threatened with deportation to Rwanda?

Home Secretary Priti Patel recently told the House of Commons that those who entered Britain illegally and dangerously could be transferred to Rwanda.

A new regulation between Great Britain and Rwanda came into force in May. It provides for the deportation of those who enter Rwanda illegally. Alternatively, Great Britain will provide financial resources to the East African country. Patel recently traveled to Kigali to sign the agreement and inspect the refugee shelters.

This is disturbing news for these refugees stranded in London.

When we were filming in this shelter, a Ukrainian family – without a visa, was looking for support. Understandably they don’t want to be filmed.

A volunteer who works here explains that Ukrainian refugees are scared. He knows a lot of guys who are in London illegally.

The whole community is affected.

“From all that I know, I can not imagine being taken to another continent with a completely different culture, away from whatever my life here is. None of us would want to be in such a situation, so why should they be people? Go through it,” said one volunteer.

The main reason for the arrival of refugees from Ukraine to Great Britain is that there is already a large Ukrainian community here.

To Britain through the back door

However, due to administrative setbacks, many visa applications have not yet been processed. Because of this some people have decided to come into the UK through the back door. For example, Ireland has eliminated the visa requirement for those coming from Ukraine – refugees arriving there can enter Great Britain via Northern Ireland without verification.

“The government has confirmed that this is technically possible in response to the question of whether Rwanda can deport undocumented Ukrainians who have entered the UK illegally. Some MPs from Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party have welcomed it. Reporter Luke Hanrahan said.

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen supports the government’s Rwanda plan:

“We will legislate to facilitate the deportation of foreign criminals. It is important that those foreign criminals enter the UK illegally and without documents.”

“Illegal entry is unnecessary for Ukrainians”: Interior Secretary Patel

Speaking to Euronews, Home Secretary Patel said the UK visa scheme made it illegal for Ukrainians to enter the country illegally. She did not agree that it might be a problem. He says there is no reason why Ukrainian citizens should be undocumented in the UK.

“Another aspect of Rwanda being a partner for migration and economic development is that it deals with the big problem of illegal immigration …” Patel said.

UK policy is aimed at preventing refugees from making the dangerous decision to cross the English Channel.

The fact that it can now also affect undocumented refugees from Ukraine is obviously an unexpected but serious consequence of this new law.