From which countries do most tourists come?: Day pass

When Buckingham Palace announced that October 11, 2022 would be the coronation of Charles III. On Saturday 6 May 2023, there was great anticipation that this special event would attract thousands of visitors from all over the world to the UK. After all, it has been almost 70 years since his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, was crowned.

travel site They analyzed booking data for the upcoming weekend and found out which countries would have a particularly high number of guests attending the coronation. Germany entered the top 10 for both search queries and actual bookings. The Swiss, on the other hand, are a little more undecided. Although they also looked at flights very closely, they were ultimately not interested in booking.

Top 10 countries with triple-digit increases in searches

Within 24 hours of the coronation date being announced, Travelport reported an 81 per cent increase in searches for flights to the UK. The most significant increases during this period were recorded for searches in the following countries:

  1. Ireland (+ 580 percent)
  2. United Kingdom (+442 percent)
  3. Italy (+ 355 percent)
  4. Spain (+ 349 percent)
  5. Netherlands (+ 313 percent)
  6. United States (+293 percent)
  7. Germany (+ 257 percent)
  8. Switzerland (+ 231 percent)
  9. Singapore (+ 175 percent)
  10. Canada (+172 percent)

Most visitors come from America

Overall, the majority of search queries came from Europe. However, according to Travelport findings, Americans are more willing to travel. A total of 149 percent more bookings were recorded in the US within a day of the coronation date being announced. The countries with the most flight bookings to Great Britain at that time were:

  1. America
  2. India
  3. Australia
  4. Canada
  5. Italy
  6. Nigeria
  7. South Korea
  8. Germany
  9. Thailand
  10. Spain
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