June 20, 2024

Granit Xhaka shoots after Bayern bankruptcy against club management

Granit Xhaka shoots after Bayern bankruptcy against club management

Granite Shaka angry after defeating Basel.

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FC Basel suffered a bitter defeat in the classics against FC Zurich. After 2:4 at Letzigrund, former FCB star and Nati star Granit Xhaka spoke. On Instagram, the 29-year-old shot the club’s management around David Degen.

“You want us former players to come back? with this policy? Never!” Xhaka commented on Sunday evening under one Instagram share From FC Basel, which refers to the result of the classic match. After the 4-2 defeat, captain Nati appears to be angry with the management of his former club.


In addition to the outcome, Xhaka appears to be worried about something else. “When you use your players and you feel you can win that way,” the 29-year-old wrote on Instagram, “let the players who know what’s at stake play.”

Exactly what Captain Nati means with these words remains open to interpretation. But very clear: Brother Taulant Xhaka has been on the bench for 90 minutes at Letzigrund. The 30-year-old has been waiting minutes since the 3-3 win over Sion in early February. After the yellow card was suspended against YB, the midfielder was not included in the squad against Lausanne and now Zurich.


Is this the reason for the anger of the captain of the national team? Could he have received an offer from Bayern to return to Basel in the winter? Questions that remain unanswered at the moment. One thing is clear: the Arsenal player certainly cannot imagine a comeback like this. “Absolutely not,” writes Shaka – and more: “The only ones I feel sorry for are the fans.”

Lindner is also angry: ‘I don’t need to talk about the title like that’

The mood in Bayern was not surprising after the apparent defeat on the ground. Goalkeeper Heinz Lindner was also upset after the match: “It was not enough at all. If you perform like this here in Zurich, you can’t expect to take the points with you.”

The 31-year-old no longer wants to know anything about the championship title. “You don’t have to act like that if you have the ambition to become a champion. It’s not possible, the first half was not enough at all. And so there is no need to talk about the championship title.”

Lindner: ‘It was never enough’

Heinz Lindner is angry after the defeat in Letzigrund. According to the Austrian goalkeeper, FC Basel is no longer in the championship race.


It looks similar with his teammate Michael Lange. “It’s very painful. We got off to a disastrous start and were overtaken by FCZ,” said Lange.

“Throughout the match I had the feeling that Zurich was waiting for our mistakes,” the 31-year-old said in amazement.

After the defeat, Basel is 13 points behind the leaders Zurich. There are still 13 matches left.

Tall: “It’s so painful”

Basel’s Michael Lange is upset after the 4-2 defeat in the Classics by FC Zurich. Was that with the main race?