June 23, 2024

Gold in Quebec is getting scarcer |  Podcast Economics |  DW

Gold in Quebec is getting scarcer | Podcast Economics | DW

Beijing Winter Olympic Dream

The Beijing Winter Olympics didn’t exactly come cheap because China has invested so much in its sports facilities. But of course it wasn’t just about money, it was also about reputation. Was the event a passive act in general? In addition, the Games were held under epidemiological conditions. Our correspondent noted this especially in Shanghai, where many people are less interested in sports than in their own business.

Brazilian coffee

Things are not going well in Brazil at the moment: the country is experiencing serious economic difficulties. And you can see that with the exported coffee commodity, which is of great importance to the local economy. Noble beans became more expensive, but working with them became less profitable.

Canadian maple syrup

A few thousand kilometers to the north there are similar problems. In Canada, another plant is experiencing an increasingly noticeable climate change: the maple tree. The drink obtained from it has not only economic significance, but also great symbolic significance for Canada.

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