June 21, 2024

Last day of testing in Barcelona live!

Last day of testing in Barcelona live!

09:56 am

photo series

We use the involuntary break to take a closer look at the white Haas in this photo series!

PHOTO GALLERY: Without Russia Emblems: Haas F1 Team’s new color design

09:54 am


As always, the clock keeps ticking, but no one is allowed to drive. So not only does this cost alpine time, everyone currently has to wait in the pit. It should now take a few minutes for the A522 to return. Small consolation: Alonso is currently the fastest man with 1:21.2. But really, a very, very small consolation…

9:51 am

Technical problem

From the track we hear that the Alps are smoking. Not a driving bug, but a technical problem. whether there is something with Renault’s new engine this year have to do?

09:49 am

red flag

That was fast today! After no red flag the first day and only two yesterday, we couldn’t even manage an hour today. Blame Alpine, except for Alonso, all the other drivers are back in the pits.

9:47 AM

Hass in the video

And here we see the new design in motion again. By the way: Painting work was only initially confirmed by the team for today. It is unclear what Haas will look like in the Bahrain Test and then in the season opener at the same venue. Perhaps Steiner will provide answers later.

09:42 AM

Today’s first pictures…

… now entered into our gallery. Among other things, with more shots of White Haas!

PHOTOS: Formula 1 winter test in Barcelona, ​​third day

9:33 AM


Of course, we will again provide regular updates for the time today. However, for now, this is still too slow to be worth it. Verstappen leads with a time of 1:22.6, more than three seconds slower than Norris’ best test time on Wednesday (1:19.5). It should be much faster by noon.

9:23 am


Here’s the full Haas picture. Like I said, the front wing is black, not white. In the meantime, we already had our first little slip: Alonso went off the track for a moment. Significantly more damaging than what happened in the mysterious test incident in 2015…

09:20 AM


Of course we will try to answer as many questions as possible today again. There are always a lot of demo drives out there, so don’t get mad if we can’t answer every one.

“What did the hubcaps look like – what are they supposed to be useful for? Are they permanently attached to the rims and are they also replaced when the tires are changed?” (Gerald)

First of all, the focal point: these are standard parts which are mandatory and are meant to prevent teams from being able to perform aerodynamic tricks in the field. We’re not quite sure about the second point, but we’ll keep an eye on it.

Will Haas get through the season without Uralkali? (Mark)

We can only guess so. But let’s put it this way: Financially, losing the deal would certainly be a huge setback for Haas. But we cannot determine the exact size of the effect.

In various media reports about the new decade [von Max Verstappen] There was talk of the term of the current contract “mid-2023”. Doesn’t make sense, right? (Martin)

In fact, there may be a misunderstanding. Verstappen is currently associated with Red Bull until the end of 2023.

“How hard is the pollution (gravel, plastic bags, bits of accidents, etc.) for the Venturi Tunnels?” (@Themelo25)

There is no more problem than the other parts in the car. We’ve also seen in the past that debris gets stuck in the front wing or the boathouse. Of course, this can also happen here, but it will be the exception, not the rule.

09:07 AM

A little colder than yesterday

It’s cloudy in Barcelona, ​​the temperature is only about 7.5 degrees. Yesterday was much warmer at the start of the session. Let’s see, maybe it will rain, then it will not be superfluous to water the road industrially later. As usual, teams start by measuring networks to collect data. We already know.

09:04 AM

Red Bull wants to catch up

Testing is on and Verstappen was the first driver on the track. No wonder yesterday’s RB18 didn’t drive for more than four hours, you have to catch up. Meanwhile, we see a black front spoiler on the Haas – so it’s not an all-white car. We will send you a picture as soon as possible!

8:58 am

Who is driving today?

All 10 teams are in full swing: both pilots are at the start, and will change over at lunch break. The order in question looks like this:

Mercedes: Russell / Hamilton
Red Bull: Verstappen / Perez
Ferrari: Leclerc / Sainz
McLaren: Norris / Ricciardo
Alps: Alonso / Ocon
AlphaTauri: Gasly / Tsunoda
Aston Martin: Vettel / Stroll
Williams: Latifi / Albon
Alfa Romeo: Cho / Bottas
Haas: Maspen / Schumacher

8:55 am

Also in Haas Trucks…

… the emblems of the Russian shepherd are no longer visible.

8:48 am

The first picture of the white haas

The car isn’t fully assembled yet, but here we have a little expectation. Interesting: Uralkali logos can still be seen on the team’s clothing.

8:27 am

Schumacher at Weissen Haas

Today we are particularly excited about the Haas livery. All Uralkali sponsor logos there have been removed. US forces announced a white car on the last day of testing. Once you have a picture of it, you’ll of course have it right here in the bar. You can find all the basic information here!

By the way: at 12:00 there will be a media tour with team leader Gunther Steiner. Yesterday he canceled the official press conference of the FIA. Of course we are there and then supplying you with the most important phrases.

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