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Dismantling Manchester United - Liverpool celebrate victory

Dismantling Manchester United – Liverpool celebrate victory

Don’t say anything, just don’t look: Portuguese Manchester United Cristiano Ronaldo (left) and Bruno Fernandes.

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s days as Manchester United coach may be numbered. Against arch-rivals Liverpool, the “Red Devils” received 5-0 SWAT, and the guest at Old Trafford led 4-0 into the break. Mohamed Salah emerged with three.

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A short 14-second video summarizing what happened early Sunday evening at Old Trafford. The clip shows the legend of Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson. The furious Scot is presented in full: in the stands he has to watch his team descend. Manchester United were mercilessly drowned out by Liverpool – to the delight of Sir Kenny Dalglish, also a Scot, player and coach of the Reds:

I the summer Celebrate 2013 Manchester United Last championship title so far – it was also the last under Ferguson. All his successors failed to continue the era of unique success. Now it’s likely to end the same way for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The Norwegian was already facing a headwind and he’s blowing up more sharply after this era-making chatter.

Salah Towers with a hat-trick

Even in the break, Manchester United were 4-0 behind – higher than ever in a Premier League. The Egyptian Mohamed Salah scored two goals and completed a hat-trick shortly after the end of the first half.

Salah in perfect condition: the former striker of FC Basel Now in ten consecutive games. and succeeded As the first guest player at Old Trafford Hat-trick since the “original” Ronaldo in April 2003 real Madrid I managed.

Ronaldo is pale, Pogba is red

The current Ronaldo, United star Cristiano Ronaldo, has only been noticed twice. On the one hand, he provoked a quarrel with a foul shortly before the whistle-breaker, he saw a yellow. Immediately after 0:5 he hit the goal but the kick was denied by the video referee.

Another symbol of the fall, as well as Sir Alex Ferguson’s expression in the stands: French world champion Paul Pogba flew off the field an hour after a frustrating foul. In addition to this red card, there were six yellow – Receive more warnings Manchester United have not played in a Premier League match.

“It’s something special, but we don’t celebrate crazy, we respect our opponents. We were lucky in a few moments and United are not in their prime.”

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp

“We apologize to the fans, it wasn’t good enough for a club like ours,” said captain Harry Maguire. “We have to stay together now, there is no point in blaming each other. When we come home tonight, we have to look in the mirror and think what we can do better.”

“A joke from the back of the four”

Half an hour before the end, many spectators left the stadium bitterly. “Can I go with you?” asked Gary Neville, who was an associate commentator on English television. The former Manchester United defender could hardly look.

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“After this match, the pressure on Solskjaer will be unbearable in some circles.” Neville said, Although the board explained standing behind the coach. “Manchester United must change. I think Olly will get the chance. But he will have to bear the pressure from all sides.”

For Neville, the players are now clearly the main challenge. “After this defeat, there is no longer anyone to hide. The next 24 hours will be hot like never before at this club.”

For Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher, Manchester United are “an absolute chaos at the moment. I think Liverpool weren’t at their best when it came to possession. But the closer they got to the Manchester United quartet…it was just a joke from a quartet at the back.”

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp naturally preferred to talk about his performance. He said on the BBC: “We were incredibly smart. We put them under pressure with our extreme pressure and that was exceptional.” His wife was also on the field, Klopp added, in a good mood, and he hopes she enjoyed it.

Salah gets match point, which he is allowed to keep as a hat-trick.

Salah gets match point, which he is allowed to keep as a hat-trick.

Photo: cornerstone

Manchester United – Liverpool 0:5 (0:4)
Tore: 5. Keita 0: 1. 13. Jota 0: 2. 38. Fault 0: 3. 45. Fault 0: 4. 50. Fault 0: 5. – Bemerkungen: 60. Root Kurt Gegen Pogba (Manchester United / Bean). (SD)

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