Gloss: No alcohol and equal rights: Where are the Brits roaming about?

Downing Street should no longer be provoked and Wimbledon broke its tradition. What is happening on the island?

The water is wet, and it’s dark at night, and the British stick to their tradition. Certainty gives life security. Ordinary islanders, like ordinary islanders, insist on the idiosyncrasies that I grew fond of and smiled with care on the mainland. There are also royal houses in other European countries, but nowhere else are the affairs of the Queen and the clan taken with such playful seriousness.

Alcohol is now only available at 10 Downing Street on official occasions

Other facts: Politicians loafers, a tennis tournament bound by the past and sunburned as a holiday souvenir. But it is now clear that in the year of God 2022 the UK will go through a similar swift process with certainty as it is with Boris Becker. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has declared 10 Downing Street an alcohol-free zone, where urination is only permitted on official occasions. We just hope there’s always a tyrant on hand to visit the country in between, if you fancy a trophy.

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at Wimbledon On the other hand, organizers no longer wish to use the suffix Fräulein or Frau in their lists of previous winners. No “Miss” or “Mrs.” It should be more prominent. In addition, married players must be able to use their name instead of their spouse’s name. Like Chris Evert, for example, who was married to John Lloyd and, as the 1981 winner, was hitherto known as “Mrs. J.M. Lloyd.”

They may soon allow colored shirts at Wimbledon. When a country is close to giving up on itself, other atrocities are not far away. Cold sparkling beer in the pub. Or finally the notion that this damned ball in 1966 clearly bounced in front of the goal line. However, the real concern of the British is likely to be indicated only when hordes of red wine-destroying machines no longer line the beaches of Mallorca, but when the reasonable use of sunscreen prevails. Until then: It’s all just a fad.

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