May 21, 2024

Formula 1: Bottas gives Hamilton his Naked Hall - Formula 1

Formula 1: Bottas gives Hamilton his Naked Hall – Formula 1

What an impressive work of art!

Lewis Hamilton (37) has not only been the barometer of all things on the track for the past few years, but also the barometer of everything on the highway. In the Formula 1 circuit, no one dresses more flashy and extravagant than the seven-time world champion. Hamilton has also been busy in the art scene for years – and now he has a much richer rarefied piece!

Former teammate Valtteri Bottas (32), who switched to Alfa Romeo before the season, gave the Briton an idea from his limited range. You can see it: no less than Finn’s buttocks.

The idea was picked up before the Miami (USA) Grand Prix, when Bottas was spending time in the US with his girlfriend Tiffany Cromwell and star photographer Paul Rebekki. In the shower ride, Cromwell pressed the shutter button while the Alpha driver was bathing naked in the water. Then Ripke edited the photo.

And for a noble reason! Not only is Hamilton the proud owner of the image. Over 5,000 copies were sold within 24 hours. In total, Bottas raised about 50,000 euros, which were donated to social causes.

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Hamilton got Hamilton for free – and promised to reciprocate with a picture of his ass. Fans can already look forward to this!