September 30, 2023

Bietigheimer Ruiz Brings Boxing Back In The US: Los Angeles As The Next Milestone - More Local Sports

Bietigheimer Ruiz Brings Boxing Back In The US: Los Angeles As The Next Milestone – More Local Sports

It also opened up new horizons professionally. In mid-May, Di Stefano Ruiz signed a contract with First Round Management – “one of the most popular boxing stables in the United States,” he asserts. The Miami-based sports management company provides services not only for boxers, but also for soccer, soccer, and mixed martial arts (MMA) players. Veteran manager Ricky Balladares has taken Di Stefano Ruiz under his wing and is now giving him a big fight in Los Angeles.

A good three weeks ago, Bittgheim’s knockout specialist entered the hot preparation phase. Running and strength exercises are included in the program every morning, and in the evening it’s all about techniques, tactics and good work in the boxing units in the ring. He always has his longtime coach and mentor Alexander Geer with him, with whom he still trains at MBC Ludwigsburg.

training camp in california

Both will travel to Los Angeles next weekend. There, Di Stefano Ruiz gets the finishing touches at a three-week training camp. The professional athlete, who is 1.75 meters tall and currently weighs 77 kilograms, has to boil another 14 pounds to be weighed the day before the duel. In California, Di Stefano Ruiz will not only train, lose weight and box, but will also slip into a previously unknown role: the broadcast provider “Millions” hired him as a co-commentator on boxing programs. “I’m really looking forward to this experience,” says a father of two. Almost like the upcoming “battle” with Rashid Stevens.

Bietigheimer Boxer wants to compete as a local champion in the EgeTrans Arena

one more time Boxing in front of a domestic audience – this was the wish of Leonardo Di Stefano Ruiz for a long time. The wish may become a reality soon, and maybe even the end of this year. Because during one of the many meetings with the mayor of Bietigheim-Bissingen, Jürgen Kissing, the idea emerged that a professional boxer could compete in the local EgeTrans Arena. “Juergen Kissing is a really great guy. We told a lot of jokes and our stories. He also wants to help me organize such an event, says Di Stefano Ruiz. The 26-year-old Italian-Spain fought the first five professional fights of his career in Germany – most recently in December 14, 2019 as part of the Christmas Circus in Karlsruhe against Georgian Bata Vardashvili.

one on Instagram Di Stefano Ruiz, who is very active on Facebook, is sure that, as a local hero, he will also fill the hall: “Even in my first professional fight in September 2019 in Schwäbisch Gmund, I sold 350 to 400 tickets to friends and fans – and thus even more Boxer who He fought the main battle. Today the demand will be much greater.” ⇥ae