December 4, 2023

Gerion Kluge lists the “defects of people” and entertains Bohsi Onkels

This time it’s about Jeroen Klug’s new book. “People’s Flaws – 132 Harms of Reflective Life” is the title and it was recently published by Fintel Verlag. Gereon Klug is also on a reading tour now and in the next few months – presented by DIFFUS. That might be a good reason to introduce this book here, but the even better reason is this: it’s really fun.

Jeroen Kluge is the founder of the record store Hanseplatte, was tour manager for Studio Braun, previously had a label called Nobistor, was a copywriter, and wrote important Deichkind songs like “Leider Geil” or “Who Says That?” And he was diving. Over the years with terms and articles in the media from Handelsblatt to Titanic. So you can see: Gerion Klug is a busy fellow. And you can see that in his new book. “The Disadvantages of People – 132 Harms of Reflected Life” is, strictly speaking, the work of this man, which has been covered everywhere. The 132 texts consist of fragments of novels, curious lists, footnotes he wrote for the weekly newspaper Die Zeit, press releases from the Golden Pudel Club, texts of news bulletins and short prose articles. It looks messy and it’s a bit messy. However, this volume will be very interesting if you read it bits and pieces as written.