December 5, 2023

Major Update #2 and Street Fighter crossover are available

Capcom has released major update #2 for external Published, which also that Street fighters-Crossover is available. There’s also a new map, new missions, and more.

the Street Fighter 6 The collaboration includes several downloadable content (DLC), including Ryu, the Zephyr Street Fighter Collection, and the Vigilant Street Fighter Collection, each consisting of skins, decals, emotes, and charms. Ryan’s items can be unlocked through the Dino Survival Challenge, while other sets can be purchased for a fee.

Rio Rewards

  • Street Fighter (Sticker)
  • Hadouken (Magic)
  • I won! (Seal)
  • Hadouken (Emote)
  • Ryu (Deadeye suit skin)

Zephyr Street Fighter Collection

  • Guile (sapphire suit skin)
  • Turtle trick (poster)
  • Somersault kick (expressive)
  • I lost… (seal)
  • comb (magic)

Vigilant Street Fighter Group

  • Chun-Li (Vigilant Suit Skin)
  • Shadaloo (Decal)
  • Lightning kick barrage (expressive)
  • Sorry about that! (Seal)
  • bracelet (charm)

You can also look forward to the new map “Ocean Platform”, the new final mission “Escape” and the new devices: EDGE STRIKE and DRONE, which can be unlocked using BikCoins.

Durban as the new Savage Gauntlet Boss Battles

With Durban, you can also face a new boss battle. Players can jump into challenging 5-person PvE missions that follow the same rules as Savage Gauntlet. Additional boss battles will be added to the Savage Gauntlet schedule on a regular basis, providing a variety of gameplay encounters to look forward to.

Finally, there are many fixes and improvements that Capcom has made to Official Website held on.

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