General Z: 88 percent of the young target group want to use AR for shopping

From Bitmojis to Virtual Makeup: According to a recent Snapchat Gen Z report, the young target group is always looking for new, fast-paced experiences – and increasingly use technology for social shopping.

Snapchat examined Gen Z behavior online. The report reveals that 13-24 year olds are huge fans of deep experiences. The young target group is always looking for new, digital experiences and uses technologies such as augmented reality (AR), for example, before purchasing products or for further training.

13 to 24 year olds are fans of profound experiences: Snapchat users are inspired and try products with augmented reality (AR). According to the study, more than 88 percent of German respondents are interested in using AR for online shopping. Forty-eight percent also found that AR builds better personal relationships with the brands they follow.

Sports, Hobby, Education

The vast majority (79 percent) of survey participants prefer to use technology primarily to try on clothing or makeup. Gen Z uses AR for gaming (1.3 times more than Millennials and Gen X), to enhance their entertainment experience (1.2x more than Millennials and Gen X) and to learn new skills (1.2x more than Millennials and Gen X). Times more than millennials and General X).

“The study once again proves what General Z is all about. The trends set by the younger generation today are becoming more and more socially relevant. Brands need to be more involved. Our advertising partners know. Provides a unique way to interact with patterns, “said Götz Trillhaas, DACH Regional Country Manager for Snapchat.

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